ENGAGEMENT highlights

Hundreds of clients have engaged David over many years to help them accelerate and enhance their business performance. Here they explain why and how, and the kinds of outcomes they achieved as a result of David's work. 

Strategic sales Messaging

James Hardie is a global manufacturer and marketer of residential siding materials. They recognize that the future is in transforming their customer communication from a transactional event to value-add relationships, positioning the company as a strategic solution to its customers.

“David showed us how to communicate our product and customer knowledge in ways that differentiate us as solution providers to our customers. It also showed us how to leverage communication channels and use customer-focused language to get through to customers and present our value proposition successfully.”

– Todd Braun, Regional Sales Manager, James Hardie

Human Capital branding

Travis Wolff is a large regional accounting and business advisory firm in the southwest. As part of its branding strategy it wanted to position its people as a central part of its value proposition. The firm engaged Davidto build a profile framework and content formula that would integrate with the overall TW brand message.

"Our professionals are central to our value proposition as a firm, as well as a one of our key differentiators , so it's critical that we leverage that in our messaging. David enabled us to present the breadth and depth of our associates' backgrounds and expertise in a dynamic and unique way. The work he did for us has enhanced the perception of the firm in the eyes of customers, current and potential employees, all of which gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

– Diane Hartley, Director of Marketing, Travis WolfF

selling with personal brand power

Rockwell Automation is a major player in factory automation. Because of its leadership position customers are constantly in the crosshairs of its competitors. Rockwell’s salespeople’s knowledge, expertise, and insight are a central part of its value proposition to customers. They engaged David to deliver strategic messaging training to showcase the expertise of its salespeople, leverage social media, and communicate more powerfully and persuasively.    

“David Topus has been a transformational influence here at Rockwell Automation for years. David's strategic messaging methods have been integrated into how we communicate with customers, and the new spin on using social media takes our salespeople to the next level in their ability to acquire and keep customers.”

– Bill McCarthy, Regional Sales Manager, Rockwell Automation  


JABIL is a multi-billion-dollar contract manufacturing organization with plants around the world, producing highly specialized consumer electronics for leading electronics companies. It plays in a highly competitive market space so it is always looking for differentiators for attracting clients and employees.

"We are constantly looking to achieve a competitive edge – not just for getting customers, but for attracting the best talent in the market. A key part of our value proposition to both is our people's expertise, insight, and knowledge. It's why customers engage us, and why talented people want to work for us. David helped leverage this "people advantage" by branding our key BU leaders and tying their value propositions to the company brand. His work continues to differentiate us in the marketplace, not only strengthening the Jabil brand in the eyes of our key stakeholders, but adding to a common vision and purpose internally."

– David Wahl, Sr. VP, Jabil Circuits

Personal branding for career acceleration

Dan Blizzard had a senior role at a leading media company in Dallas but was at an inflection point in his career and wanted to make a change. He had a lot of career capital but hadn’t ever leveraged it. He engaged David to define his value proposition, create personal marketing materials

“During my career as a senior executive I have been successful in my work, but when it comes to communicating how I do it, and the value I create for others, I can’t claim the same level of proficiency. That’s an expertise that only few people have, and David Topus is one of them. He has a remarkable ability to identify the essential elements of an individual’s value proposition, and articulate them powerfully and persuasively. I call it the Topus Touch!"

– Dan Blizzard, C-level Executive, Healthcare System

Extreme Networking

Merrill Lynch has an army of financial advisors 15,000 strong around the country responsible for generating their own leads and developing their own financial advisory practices. Even though the company has a formal lead gen process, at the end of the day it’s up the individual advisors to find and cultivate clients.  

"As a Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch I am constantly connecting and building relationships.  David Topus and his Talk to Strangers book and method helped open my mind to the huge potential that surrounds me every day in the random, unplanned encounters have. Shortly after going through his program I made a random connection with someone at a club here in Fort Worth who turned into a very large client. Thanks to David and his techniques, I now don't only talk to more strangers, I do it with greater purpose. It's a game changer for me and my practice."

– Christopher Beavers, CRPC, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor