training and consulting that accelerates success

Whether you run a company, lead a sales force, or head a training organization, effective communication is the key to achieving competitive advantage in the marketplace. Is the value proposition coming through clearly, consistently and compellingly? Are your team’s communication skills where they need to be to get through to key decision makers?  Is the expertise of your salespeople being leveraged as a differentiator?

As one of the nation's leading sales messaging experts, David Topus helps sales teams and salespeople overcome communication barriers, gain and keep the attention of key decision makers, create perceived value, and accelerate results. 



turn your sales team into a communication powerhouse

Salespeople face unprecedented communication challenges. The Strategic Sales Messaging workshop shows your salespeople how to break through communication barriers, get and keep the attention of key decision makers and create high levels of perceived value in the minds of customers and prospects.

leverage your company's human capital as a key part of your value proposition

You hire the best, brightest and most talented employees the market has to offer. The Human Capital Branding program makes the expertise of your employees an extension of the brand and a central part of the company's value proposition to customers.

position your salespeople as trusted advisors for customers 

The role of salespeople today is more than transactional; they are value-add resources to customers. The Selling with Personal Brand Power workshop shows how to leverage your salespeople's knowledge and expertise as a competitive differentiator through LinkedIn and other personal branding methods.

turn your everyday random encounters into profitable business relationships

A full and fresh pipeline is the key to any business. The Talk to Strangers workshop, based on David's best-selling book, Talk to Strangers, shows salespeople how to expand their networks and build a robust pipeline of prospects and opportunities.