personal marketing products and services that elevate your professional brand

Successful careers don’t just happen, they’re managed. Whether you want to make a change, are happily employed, or are an independent professional , it’s essential that your personal brand value proposition is clearly defined and you present yourself to the marketplace in an engaging, compelling way.

David Topus is an expert in identifying your differentiating attributes, skills, and expertise, defining your value proposition, and designing and implementing strategies to accelerate your professional success. David uses a highly collaborative approach to ensure your career capital is captured and integrated into your personal brand story. David's materials and strategies are industry-leading and market proven, translating into accelerated results..

MAKe A RAPID and Smooth Job Transition

Today’s executive job market calls for personal marketing collateral that stands apart, along with well planned and executed job search strategies. It's all about telling your best story, and making sure it gets to the right hiring influences.

David's game-changing materials and high-touch collaborative process creates content-rich resumes, LinkedIn profiles and Biographics that position you as a highly competitive candidate, and his customized job search coaching facilitates a rapid and profitable landing..

increase your Industry and Marketplace visibility

Positioning yourself in the eyes of customers, prospects, investors and others is critical in today's transparent and knowledge-based environment, where your personal brand drives your career success.

David provides unique tools and services to elevate your professional brand and position you with customers, partners, employees or investors. Your insight, expertise, and traits – along with how you make a difference for your stakeholders – all comprise your brand value proposition.